Thursday, May 21, 2009


Now that school ends tomorrow, I have a very long list of things I want to get done through the summer. I have set goals, and have back-up goals to help me keep the goals I set! The following list shows my plan, and how I am going to follow through;

1- Finnish spring cleaning by the 15th of June.
This shouldn't be to hard because I've already done half of it.
2- get my son through driver's ed.
This might prove a little more difficult because the driver's ed isn't going to happen until his summer school is complete, and that depends on how fast he wants to go.
3- grow my business.
This one is hard because I want to continue to work on a "referral only" standard to keep clients and me safe, and also allow me to be home with my family. On the other hand, I can't keep working just to pay rent on the office.
4- build my food storage.
I was really doing great for a while, but now we seem to be living on the stores I built. Hopefully work will pick up this summer for both my husband and me! Every time I go shopping for something I think of how many cans of food I could buy instead, so it helps me consider each purchase.
5- get my basement finished.
I really regret even starting this one. It's my husbands fault! So I can hold him accountable if this goal never succeeds!
6- Paint both kid's rooms.
easiest one on the list. I love to paint, that is why it is # 6, because if this was number one I wouldn't add another thing and spend the summer patting myself on the back for accomplishing all I set out to do.
7- lose weight.
Weight loss is on every one's list. I'm not disciplined enough to have it be a huge priority or I would spend all summer feeling depressed. I think 10 lbs. is a reasonable goal for summer, wish me luck!
8- dejunk and declutter.
Junk and clutter are 2 different things. Junk is stuff we never use, never wanted, or has been in the way far to long. Clutter is stuff we love but have no use for, might have a use for someday but is easily replaceable, or we use but could live without. Either way, I want my home to be filled with positive ENERGY, and junk & clutter block the flow!
9- receive a special kind of blessing.
No, not a baby! and for those of you thinking that- DO NOT CURSE ME, or I may have to convert to voodooism to get my revenge! Besides, I am not quite sure this one is doable in just one summer because I'm not the only one involved in this one. There are requirements I must meet first.
10-be completely ready for next school year by August 30.
Going into a new year prepared is always a great accomplishment. Not to mention "stress free"
is great for weight loss.

And my back-up plan? Recruiting Jesus! because "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME". How could I possibly fail with a friend as diligent as our savior helping me along?

"If not me, who? If not now, when? It is our job here and now to do our best..."

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