Sunday, September 20, 2009


Friday was my daughter's 16th birthday. We had a small party with 5 friends, They watched Phantom of the Opera, ate popcorn, oreos, m&ms, and cupcakes.

We also put together "photo boxes" and filled them with stuff like lotion, nail polish, lip gloss, and a ring. Things that make girls feel special and pretty.
We also made flower clips for their hair. Each box was a different color, and the items inside matched the box. My daughter's box was green. The other boxes were purple, blue, light pink, dark pink, and orange. We tied them with a contrasting ribbon and a matching name tag. It was allot of fun!

I enjoyed watching these girls relax with friends, knowing they were free to be themselves and not worry about what others thought of their behavior. I often wonder how they interact at school when faced with a multitude of people. Being young is extremely hard in this day. (I thought it was hard on me 2 decades ago when I was in high school)

I hope my daughter always feels the companionship of our Savior in her life. I hope she keeps her standards high, holds herself accountable for her behavior, and looks above the wants of this world, to the treasures waiting for her in heaven.

I know she is a gentle soul, gifted with tenderness, compassion, and a love for this world and the creatures in it. I also know that God has great things in store for her, and his plan for her life will fill her every desire.

Walk softly, daughter, for you are a beloved child! God meets your every need. He watches your every step. He lights your path. He gives strength to your every movement. He knows your heart, and lives to grant your every wish. You are his Princess. Wear your crown with pride and humility. Always stand with dignity, befitting an heiress of heaven, and be the first to kneel in gratitude for what you have been given.

"Refuse to wear a tarnished tiara"

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