Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today I joined my aunt at her church for a broadcast of Beth Moore on her new book, Good bye Insecurities. Beth Moore is a Christian Author and Minister, and I love her stuff! Anyway, It was a very good thing I went because this week has been draining.

Between having to make agressive collection demands on some customers, Finding the shower is leaking (again), having a huge fight with my husband, another with my son, a third with my mom, and a very dramatic e-mail "talk" with my son's ex-girlfriend, I'm about wore out! This is not counting the computer trouble, finacial trouble, and mechanical trouble that has followed us from March into April and still lingers. No wonder I'm tired all the time and my hair is falling out.

We have had alot of support on the fund raiser for my husband's transplant. The surgery is still scheduled for May and I'm still reminding myself that God wouldn't have allowed us to get this far if that wasn't where we were supose to be.

So let me tell you what I learned (re-learned) from the time spent with Beth Moore- Insecurity is unbelief, God wants women to live to his full potential, there is strenth in believing in yourself, and insecurity has no place in my life. All these are things we hear everyday, none of it is new, but I NEEDED this today.

I needed to hear, "I love you". I needed to hear, "you have great purpose". I needed to go have lunch with inspiring ladies who fill me with joy! GO WOMEN!!!!!

Yes, I'm filled with confidence in my place in life, I'm feeling empowered to go forth and be a great inspiration to others, I'm feeling energized enough to come home and load the dishwasher!!!!!! Thank you, Aunt for the wonderful afternoon. Thank you Beth for the wonderful ministries. Thank you LORD for your great works!

"A good example has twice the value of good advice."

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