Sunday, March 22, 2009


Just in case anyone is wondering, The new photograph is an amazing glass sculpture suspended by cables, hanging in the lobby of the Marriott hotel. It is BEAUTIFUL! truely a work of art.

This blog will be short and sweet. My son is now going to church .I think this is wonderful. I really think he is happy about it. I know God is well pleased. Keep it up, Son!

My family worked hard all yesterday to clean their dad's service truck for his birthday. This was a 4 hour job from start to finish! I must say we did a great job, it hasn't been that clean since it left the lot! The reason we did this instead of gifts? 1- we have no money to spend on gifts. 2- he wanted a truck detail ($250.00 at a detail shop). and 3- I want to re-enforce that giving time in service is it's own reward. I can honestly say when my husband looks back on this birthday he will remember the gift, not because the truck got cleaned, but because his family spent the afternoon cleaning it.

Now my family is waiting for some very dear friends to fly in from Michigan tomorrow and we can't wait! They haven't been here for a year (thank goodness for telephones) and we have all missed them.

What a happy weekend!

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