Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ok, so now that we are well into March let me introduce my son. He is 16 yrs. old, and has all the temperament of a normal teenage boy! Sometimes he drives me nuts, but I can't tell you how much I love him and am grateful he's mine.

He was the cutest baby. weighing in at 5lb. 7oz. and 18 inches long, he was so good! slept well, ate well, always happy. he crawled at 4 mths and walked at 10 mths. His first word was "hello" and his favorite thing in the world (besides BUNZ, his stuffed bunny) was the telephone. When he was 18 mths old we got a $13.00 charge on our phone bill for a 4 1/2 min. call to New Zealand.

He was very shy when he was little. He didn't like going strange places with friends. My friend would get so mad at me when she would watch him because if they had to go anywhere it took her 15 min. just to convince him to get out of the car! At least for me stranger danger was never a problem.

Through his elementary years, dinosaurs were his passion. Don't know any little boy who didn't love them. Then came the G.I. Joe years and his very grown-up attitude of patriotism. He noticed the smallest disrespect to our country! This boy loved our constitution, our military, and our flag! listening to him was amazing! What a Boy Scout he turned into! With the exception of one awful lady, I don't think he had a Scout Leader that didn't see how much he loved being a scout.

I spent 8 yrs. trying to build this young man into a self confident person only to have it come crashing down in the third grade! We hated that year! his dad got sick, mom went to work, our family fell apart, school became unbearable because of the harassment of some bullies and a teacher who didn't want to deal with it! The principle who wanted the situation to blow over without a complaint became my worst enemy! I cried allot this year because my son was not protected in an environment that should have been safe and enjoyable.

Fifth grade was the first year of home school! I like to think my kids enjoyed that year. I tried my best to get quality books and a steady schedule. My son took off like a rocket! It was the first time I had really seen a true "book learner". He didn't want to be bothered, just hand the book over so he could get his work done and go play! 5yrs. after that, my son was to smart for me to teach and was sick of his mom, so off to private school and 10th grade!!

Re-adjusting to a classroom setting wasn't hard and soon friends and school were intertwined along with homework and scheduling in scouts and soccer practice. joining the soccer team was a shock to me. we are not sporty in our family.He took to soccer immediately! To watch this boy leave childhood and start to become a young man was a scary transition!

Now well into the 11th grade, we have been through all the typical frustrating things like experimenting with tobacco, arguments and disrespecting adults to wanting a tattoo, needing counseling for depression, and finding an outlet for stress. He has kept me ( and a few others) on my knees quite a bit. Praying for someone you love is not hard, watching the process and hoping you'll be heard is! I have always prayed that God would bring good, honorable men into my sons life and he has- but my son hasn't always appreciated that they are there. I have been heartbroken a time or two thinking I would like to clobber some sense into him!

God knows there is a time for everything. Now after all those prayers we are seeing it in my son. I cannot describe the feeling I had when talking about Jesus, he mentioned he will probably get baptized! This blossoming young man that, God has so blessed, finally sees his plan! He recognizes that no matter what path he chooses in this life, the cost of the choices has already been met. The change in him is wonderful and I feel like shouting "Here is the son you have needed, LORD!" A true soldier in your fight against Satan.

May he always feel the love of Jesus, stand for God and Country, and know that those who love him will always pray for him, bringing light in the darkest hour. To understand without trials there is no victory, without faith there is no salvation, and without forgiveness there is no mercy.
To seek the truth in all things and to uphold these truths in the face of opposition.

...I love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me shall find me...

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