Saturday, April 18, 2009


SOOO, today was a big day! My son was baptised. I'll start at the beginning. When I woke up this morning at 8:00 I had a huge to-do list. I ate breakfast, loaded the dishwasher, started a load of laundry, showered and dressed, and made a list of the chores the kids needed to finish before this afternoon, and then went into what my family so lovingly refers to as "stress mode".
I could feel it coming on as soon as I realized I needed my (one and only) big serving bowl. So where was it? At a friends house! I had taken her family dinner and she hadn't returned the bowl yet. by now it's 10:00. the baptism is set for 2:00 and it can't be delayed because tonight is also stake conference. I had errands to run so on my way out I stopped at another friends house and borrowed a large bowl. She opened herself up to my "mode" by telling me if I needed anything just call.
Now I'm hurrying to the Office to return some laundered sheets that I had to use during another crisis, then straight to the book store to pick up a book for one of the missionaries. from the book store to my moms to pick up the drinks I was sure she will forget during her "stress mode". While there I had to rewrite directions to the church because someone had misplaced the invitation that had the directions on it. Then I got 2 phone calls from other guests who also needed directions. Leaving moms I stopped and picked up my son's suits, made a deposit at the bank, and called home to make sure that chores were done.
I got home at 12:00, just in time to have the kids help me clean and vacuum the car. Then my son changed into his suit while I packed up the refreshments, and got his clean clothes in a bag. I
yelled to my daughter to get changed, made sure her friend had a ride to the house and told my husband it was time to get ready. At 12:25 I'm screaming that its time to go and 7 minutes later my son and I are in the car driving to pick up a school friend. 1:09 and we are calling the friend to tell him to get to the front yard and watch for us because we are running late. Of course my son only remembers "Kinda" how to get there because he's only driven by the street, and thinks the street name is "BEN ROW". I have never been so happy that my teen has a cell phone and knows how to text! The house was very simple to find on "Brinbow" drive and we are finally heading back home. It is now 1:15 and every other car on the road is going 10 miles under the speed limit!
While doing my best to speed without calling attention (or the police) to myself, the phone rings again. It's my husband telling me that my parents forgot the directions to the church! So I drive directly to the church so that the boy's can watch for my parents, I drive home to get my husband, daughter and guest, and all the refreshments, put the dog to bed, drive back to the church and the phone starts to ring! So I snap out "just let it ring, we don't have time to answer it!" when we get to the church and start unloading stuff my son says " Mom I tried to call, did you remember to pack a towel?"
My husband, sweetheart that he is, opens his hand for the car keys. While he heads back home I realize that I have forgotten serving spoons too, so we make another call from my son's cell phone... right to my purse which is laying at my feet! Now remember that nice friend's offer to help? out comes the phone and she gets to be the hero, again! All I can say is Thank you Lord for my friends!!
Now, everyone is at the church, refreshments are ready to serve, and the baptism program is underway. During the song How Great Thou Art, my son starts to cry. This is a mother's moment when I actually get to love this stuborn young man who thinks mothers are God's way of torturing teenagers. So I softly run my hands through the back of his hair while his aunt passes him a tissue from behind. My son had asked for his leader to give the talk, and my husband is sniffling from his seat directly behind me, so auntie passes another tissue. Now we are on to the musical piano number and my daughter starts to sob! Auntie sneaks her a tissue from the sidelines.
Finally my son is ready to enter the font, I think every preisthood holder there held their breath! There was no way, after all these years of waiting that they were going to miss this!
The baptism prayer was done in Finnish as a favor to my son and the missionary baptizing him.
Now these are full-grown young men and you would think the font would have had more than a quart of water in the bottom, but it didn't so the sleeve of his suit didn't get wet and we had to do it all over again. Afterward, while the font was draining, loudly, one of the Elders commented on how many sins were being sucked down the drain! It was the perfect touch.
Closing remarks were all wonderful and I had one or two tears that I wiped away with a paper towel. ( all the tissues were gone) photographs were taken and thanks given. Confermation will be a week from tomarrow and I will tell you I have never enjoyed a stressfull day more!
Everyone was so suportive, and we allways know who cares the most by those who take time out of their day to share these special moments. I hope my son remembers all the effort put into this day by family, friends, and Missionaries. I am certain that this experience will remain in more hearts than mine for a long while, and will be reflected in our Saviors forever.

...My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning:...

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