Monday, April 27, 2009


Just so everyone knows, I don't do well with teenagers! I managed to turn a simple thing like Prom into the biggest fiasco I have ever had to deal with! I am perfectly sure that there are people who will laugh about it for years to come, and though I won't go into details I will say to parents, "don't try to make the first prom special. The teenagers will handle it all on their own, and if they need help let them come to you and ask for it!" You will save yourself allot of frustration and spend ALLOT less if you just let your kids work it out. But please don't ignore the fact that teaching teenagers to use proper manners is still needed. Our teens have forgotten how to be polite and respectful. Common courtesy should still be taught and used in our homes.

My kids already know that I over-react when plans don't flow together like I think they should. It's normal to them, but I'm positive there are now several people who wish they never met me, and plan to avoid me as much as possible in the future!

This last 2 weeks I have heard the phrase "will you just calm down" more than a dozen times! I have been rude to everyone in my family, a few neighbors, my sister, dad, and some business contacts. I have lost about one-third of sleep required for proper thought function, and the sleep I do get is filled with dreams of terrible things happening! So to those who say stress is all in the head, YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT! if people didn't think, they wouldn't worry.

Anyway my kids enjoyed their night, such as it was, but both agreed that the regional dances are allot more fun. My son still has some manners to work out in the dating field but I'm hoping he will get better with time. My daughter has learned that you don't have to "couple up" to enjoy a night out with friends, and groups are much safer (and more fun) than having a "date". I am just glad that her brother was there with her. I'm not ready, and I don't think she is ready to handle the emotional aspects of the dating scene.

I got through confirmation just fine, and ended up feeding the missionaries that night. It was one of those "will you just calm down" moments where I was trying to cook ( which I don't usually do) in a kitchen the size of a bathroom, with three other people helping, making a recipe I had never done, and hoping everything worked out o.k. Well it didn't! I ended up burning part of it, under cooking another part, forgetting some of the food, begging them not to tell anyone, and sending them home with their own box of granola bars and some oranges. Hey, at least they got a good laugh and didn't go hungry.

I feel alot better knowing that it's all over and I can get back to my O.C.D. life where everything that goes wrong happens in an orderly fashion when its supose to!

" The first stirrings of the winds of change, just might be the beginings of a tornado!"

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