Saturday, June 20, 2009


Last Tuesday I got a very heartbreaking phone call from my friend who lives in Georgia. Her sister had been shot and killed by a boyfriend who then killed himself.
It was, for my friend, a sudden and hurtful end to a vicious cycle of abuse that her sister had been living for the last 2 yrs.
My friend had to fly home to join her nephew, 2 nieces, and her parents as they made funeral arrangements, and planned their final farewell to the daughter,sister,mother they loved so very much.
How sad it was to see this family gathered together at the cemetery, grieving for their loss, holding one to one another as prayers of comfort were offered to them and prayers of peace were offered to heaven.
At the close of this service my friend knelt down beside the urn holding her sister's ashes and told her, "This sucks, j*****!", and as her tears fell she turned and allowed her dad to hold her, and they cried together. I hurt for my friend's end to her special relationship with this sister. They were truly best friends and I know her sister echoed those same words, "this sucks!"
I know what a terrible thing domestic violence is. I have a sister who refuses to help herself escape this life, even after 19 yrs! I know how special a relationship is between sisters! I have seen the grief of families devastated by loosing someone unexpectedly, and I have been privileged to see fathers stand strong for their loved ones even while their own hearts were breaking!
So right now I am offering my Loving Father in Heaven my gratitude. I thank him for the friendships I have been blessed with, for the joyful and painful moments I have experienced. I send wishes of comfort and healing to those who are aching from loss. But most of all, I am asking that God bless the father's of the world, He gave you all a position of leadership and grants the strength to hold it, raise it and glorify it in his name.
Teach your sons to treat all women as cherished daughters of God, for that is what we are. The blessings of their physical bodies will not save them from consequences if they are found guilty of abuse.
Speak out against abuse, even if you think no one is going to listen. Lives are saved by people not afraid to stand up and defend another.
And last, remember that God sees each one of us as his! If we were to look at each other through his eyes, what do you think we would see?

"Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight..."

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