Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday I was in Fairview, Utah, cleaning out my grandparent's house and shed with my mom, sisters, and aunts. I never even made it to the house. It took 9 hours to clean a 10 x 15ft shed and fill a 15 cubic foot dumpster with a collection of stuff that my grandma had been saving for over 35 yrs!

We had an on-going joke about the stuff we were throwing away. Every time we would empty one box into the dumpster after going through it, we would bring the boxes back and refill them. So we decided grandma was really mad at us for throwing all her stuff out that she was "creating" a never-ending supply of junk to wear us out!
How else could you take boxes that were already full, go empty them and then fill them back up again when everything in that shed had its own box???

Most of the boxes held old books, newspapers, and material for quilts and clothes that she made, but we did dig up a few "Treasure Boxes". We found my grandpa's jewelry box. He was from an era when men wore cuff links, and tie tacks and carried ivory handled pocket knives. My sisters and I each brought home something out of that box. I also found an old washboard and cheese slicer, and a juicer that my aunt had to tell me what was. Everyone found something that was special, But our most exciting find was my Uncle's box.

This box was thought long gone because no one could find it in the 2 1/2 years since my grandma has passed away. (it was buried the deepest and the shed, like the sea is unwilling to yield its secrets!) In this box was photographs from his years in the Army (Vietnam), his wedding pictures, high school and seminary diplomas, and his eagle scout award. We were all very excited because all the other siblings got their box before my grandma passed away. So now we feel complete knowing all six of them have their boxes!

The property has been sold. We have one more trip down before "grandma and grandpa's house" becomes a permanent memory. I will be sad to let it go, because for me, change is never easy. I miss my grandparents! But without them here the house is just a house, and Heaven is more like home!

Today I am tired and sore from all the work. I am also glad of the time I got to spend with my family, willingly participating in service for my own family, building stronger relationships with those I love that are still living, AND I am glad that we all survived "THE SHED" with minimal injuries, no filed missing persons reports, and we didn't even need the pulley system that my uncle spent all winter thinking up so we wouldn't lose the brave soul who volunteered to risk life and limb cleaning it out!

I wear my Hero's badge with honor. My name will go down in my family's history. No one will question who to call when my aunt passes away and we are called into service once again to brave her shed. All I have to say is... The Turtle cookie jar is mine!

"Love never asks how much must I do, but how much can I do."

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  1. Great post Amber! You inspired me to... A, get rid of more of my junk and B, never complain about working hard for and with those we love because we can find hidden treasures by doing so! =)


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