Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just have to post this about my mom. She is nuts, but in a lovable way! I'm sure she thinks she had seen it all while raising 8 kids. This includes every one of us bringing home a stray animal, begging for an animal, sneaking in animals, and breading animals!!

I'm sure she thought that in her 40 years of raising kids she could take on just about every animal situation you could think of... except spiders, she never did let me have one. We had everything else though. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes, Guinea pigs, hamsters,lizards, mice, rats, a crawdad, crabs, turtles, ducks, even harbored a skunk for a weekend!

We had kittens, puppies, ducklings, fry, hatching's... If it could reproduce, it found a nesting ground at our house.

The ducks played with the dogs, cats slept with the rodents, turtles swam with the fish, and so on. Our animals were, if not at peace with one another, at least we had an easy truce. ( our duck never did like the dogs in her pool)

But this last week I had to shake my head. After finding her vegetables nibbled on in her garden, my mom thought she had a rat. After spotting it one afternoon, my brother thought it was a gopher. Then my sister found it's burrow, when her cats chased it across the lawn, and did some research- It's a mole!!

So after a week, all the men in our family decided-and tried-and failed-to kill this little creature before it could "consume" the garden, and where did I find my daughter, and niece, and MOTHER???

Out next to "scamps" (yes, all animals get named at our house)den, feeding him/her grapes!!!! So just what did my mother say when caught in the act? "well he/she likes grapes." All I have to say is, Welcome to the family, scamp! By the way, does anybody know the gestation period for moles?

"so much of what we learn of love is learned at home."

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