Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today, after 2 hair-pulling weeks, we got news... We are on the transplant list!!!
I am so happy! This just feels right, you know, I don't have anxious feelings. I wonder what some people would do if they were in our shoes? I know this is right for us. I am praying for my husband to be healthy, calm and reassured by the Lord that this is the direction our lives should go.

I want my kids to be involved, willingly, in the process. They have lived side-by-side with this disease. They have sacrificed and struggled right along with their dad and me for the last 9, (almost 10) years, so I believe it's only right to have them with us through to transplant. I know they want to be involved too.

Thank you and lots of love to those people who pray for us. You are seeing the power of prayer unfold right before your eyes. Keep praying, and keep your eyes open, I feel a miracle at work here.

Annddd, let's not forget the season of Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time of year this is for us, and everyone involved. Things do not happen by chance, God is at work everyday, and we need to stand up and be thankful we are so blessed.

My prayer for today;


Thank you for blessing our family with good news. We know you have things at work for our family and we ask for patience and security throughout the process. Lord, you know our every need. we ask your blessings on us, that we will find peace taking the steps necessary for our health and well-being. Bless all those who have prayed on our behalf. For they are truly our family who love us. Lord, We thank you for being ever at our side. For giving our family the blessings of security- financial, emotional, and spiritual. Thank you for good friends who also turn to you for direction. Keep peace and love in our hearts, today, so that we may bless those around us.
In Jesus' name, Amen

"The stops of a good man are ordered by the Lord as well as his steps"

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