Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I just finished reading a post about "nursery program" and it brought tears to my eyes. The little ones are so very cute, and I love watching them learn to love Jesus. (or learn to teach US to love Jesus) The tears, however, were from missing certain friends who MOVED AWAY! They call it a "two year mission", so I guess I should be writting my "missionaries" but on the other hand, I heard they are not getting their mail so I'm excused.

I have spent the last month pretending they didn't move. There are some people who I just can't let go of, and it almost makes me ill to think they are not close. I like to call them "Family of my heart", they probly see it more like being held hostage, but either way, I'm not letting them go! (so you all might as well learn to live with it, & I will practice pretending I don't know you at the mall. Church, however is free ground).

Let me show you why I love these two so very much. First, J is really a wonderful man of God. He prayed for our family while we were going through some tough times AND checked up on us. When I felt my son slipping from my grasp, J grabbed hold, didn't let him fall, and offered him a lifeline with Christ on one end and him on the other. My husband finds a valued friend in J. Someone he can relate to in work and life experiences. J doesn't hide the errors in his life, He is honest and humble, and the first to admit that by the Lord's grace he was saved, and his works prove it!

J loves his family. He REALLY LOVES HIS FAMILY! I hope his family truly understand how much he loves them. If you saw this man with his family, you would be jelous! 3 minutes, at church, on sunday is all it takes to see how dedicated he is to them. No wonder the smallest of them loves him so much. Children really do grasp human nature better than anyone.

J loves his wife.(Hmmmmm, a dedicated, sacrifical husband, Where are you hiding the white horse, J?) Believe me, I have heard her gratitude for this man. Love is not false, besides, seeing a woman cry breaks his heart! Most men would run away in fright! Not J, he wants to "fix it" even if the answer is just a reminder to have a little faith.

J loves the Lord. I think it is safe to say that everyone J comes into contact with can see his love for the Savior, and if they can't they are blind! (even then, what they can't see they can surely feel.) J radiates
Christ-like love. He finds joy in the simple things of life. He teaches me that we should not look for power in the wealth of the world, but find it in the wealth of the WORD! (He even has scriptures on his i-pod, so if his ear phones are in, leave him be:)

Second, his wife-S. She is so sweet. Children love her, teenagers love her, My daughter loves her, I'm pretty sure if you got the chance to meet, you would love her! This woman is living proof that God made us to nurture, love and protect.

I love her because she cries easy. I cry easy, and I think women of today have lost some of the tenderness we were created with, or more likely, the world has stolen it from us, but either way, those of us who can find reason to cry when a 3 year old stands in church and sings with all of her might so her family (and Jesus) are sure to hear, deserve a box of klenex to share.

S is also a wonderful mother! She has mastered the art of "lecturing with love". I am sure her children know when they are in her prayers. I know that God has heard her prayers and offered a few miracles to her family. S is the kind of person who is meant to serve as a mentor. When God says "Jump", S asks, "how high?" And then God answers, "As high as you can." (then her husband pulls her up that last inch)

She also is VERY generous. When she moved away, she gave us half her family! How many women would offer someone their most cherished possessions, and trust us to love and take care of them? I know I would trust her with my children. (heck, there have been days I would give her my children) In all honesty, S felt this small change in her life was the right thing to do, and she is probably right.

So J and S. I just wanted to say, what I found so hard to say a month ago... You are jerks for leaving!! I'm crying all because of you, and S- I know you are reaching for a tissue. Serves you right for loving us enough to leave such a deep imprint on our hearts!!! And thanks.

Thank you so much for being "just down the street", for blessing us with your time, for remembering us in your prayers, for helping us "keep it all together" & showing us how it's done. We love you!!!

"There is something basic about friendship. It is like the structure that holds up a building, Mostly hidden and absolutely essential."

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