Thursday, November 19, 2009


You know those days? I'm having one of them this WEEK! So as I write let me just say, I'm still in my p.j's.

I am feeling sorry for myself, moping, and being lazy because that's the best way to wallow in self-pity! I tryed to get my mom to feel sorry for me but she just told me to "keep my chin up and everything will be fine." You know why people tell you to keep your chin up? because you will drown if you don't! So I guess that means as long as we don't drown, we can live to see the sharks comming for us! (How many of you are rethinking the drowning?)

The week started out good. Kids got to school fine, husband is working, I am doing mom-stuff, the house is still standing, same thing that most of the world is doing. BUT THEN...

The mailbox decides to eat the checks from our customers! You know, the one they "put in the mail yesterday". I really need that money but the mailbox refuses to regurgitate those checks, however, it did allow me to safely remove the stack of bills from the companies we owe money to! Bills must leave a bad after-taste making them more of a vegetable than a dessert for our starving mailbox!

My car keeps "passing gas". I'm serious! If you turn on the heater you experience the most awful smell. Rolling down the windows defeats the purpose of having the heater on, so the kids and I just huddle into our coats, I hold the steering wheel with my coat sleeves to keep my hands warm, while we flip the heater switch on and off to defrost the car before we pass out from the fumes. I have taken it to the shop, several times, only to be told, "We can't duplicate the problem." Whatever!! there is a shop full of middle-aged mechanics who all eat the 99 cent bean burrito's from taco bell for lunch because it's cheep and right down the street, I
know they can duplicate the problem. I don't want the problem duplicated- I want it CORRECTED!

My husband accidentally broke a piece of equipment on a job-site. It was one of those "I was trying to avoid something else and wasn't paying attention to the other side" kind of accidents. There's nothing more humiliating than having to go tell someone you made a mistake. the bad part of this situation is that we have no money to fix the mistake. The good part is the owner of the equipment is willing to work with us. AND I'm proud of my husband for having enough honesty to let the owner know what he did. Some people would have just walked away.

Then some other "Mr. Hyde" decides to run my husband off the road while he is driving home. No one was hurt, but our work truck, (which is our money-maker) is damaged to the tune of $750.00. What makes this song even more sad is not only do we not have the money because we had to feed the mailbox, we now have to replace the parts we just replaced 2 weeks ago because someone else was playing this same tune!
I wish people would find a different song, I don't want to dance anymore!

So I guess, today I'm not going to make the effort to keep my chin up. Instead, I am practicing the "dead man's float." With my eyes closed and just my nose poking above the surface, maybe the sharks won't be that interested. And if they try, I know something I can "duplicate"!

"Sometimes life just sucks"

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