Thursday, December 3, 2009


A review of our Thanksgiving.

We feed alot of people on Thanksgiving. This year we had about 53. My aunt is the brave soul that hosts this dinner, and she lives in a double-wide mobile home. Everyone basically finds a lap to sit on!

Dinner was fabulous! Two 36lb. turkeys, One 30lb. ham, 100lbs. of mashed potatoes, 3 crock-pots of gravy, a large relish plate, a large fruit plate, and 5 different types of cooked veggies. 2 turkey pans full of stuffing, 4 bags of rolls, 2 appitizers, 12 cheese cakes, 9 pies, AND I brought the jello! (two pans)

This is my mom's side of the family, and we are as different from one another as fire and ice. The holiday's bring us close and we never forget we are family! Most of us know who's kid is who's and what kind of animals we all own. When we get together it feels like family.

We aren't afraid of voicing our oppinions on any subject. Sometimes discussions get really loud, but there is allways a mother to tell us to calm down. The babies usually have full run of the place, and they love taking atvantage of it!

We always have my dad say the blessing. I can't believe anyone would start a meal like this one without thanking the Lord for providing it. I am thankful we have been blessed with such bounty! One of the elders from church stopped by to make sure we had enough for the holiday and I had to laugh a little at the question, I almost think we could feed the whole congregation dinner.

There is alomost no leftovers after dinner. We joke that's the job of the in-laws. There is one thing we all do, every family takes one dessert home at the end. We usually eat it for breakfast the next morning.

I am glad we enjoy so many fun holiday traditions here in America! I am thankful I have never had to stand in a food line. I am thankful my children have never known the meaning of hunger. I am thankful for my family, who always stay family. I am thankful for friends who remember to take care of one another. I am thankful for my life. Thank you, Lord, for showing your hand in all things, You are truley great!

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"

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