Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm having one of those moments when the kindness of some people just overwhelms my heart. To those people who don't think that "what goes around, comes around" let me tell you a story...

A few weeks ago my family was hurting for money. This doesn't happen alot and I know there are allways people who will help, but I hate to ask. (I pray alot, so I guess I am asking) Anyway, it was one of those gather all your change so we can buy milk, kind of week.

My aunt had invited me to a charity fund-raiser for abused children. These things allways put my life into perspective, I mean what's a week without milk when someone else doesn't even have love? At the end of the night we all were sent home with a bag filled with bagels and bread. My aunt, knowing we could use it, gave me 4 of these bags of bread. So I came home and filled my freezer, when it was full I had some left, so I took a bag to a neighbor who could use some too. A few days later her dad brought me a big bag of potatoes!

Just a little while later, Our cell phone bill came due. We use these phones for work to protect our privacy at home. We also have my brother on our plan, and he has been out of work so he hasn't been able to pay his portion of the bill. I was feeling a little resentful about having to pay for his service when we were having money issues of our own, but we went ahead and paid the bill, wondering why we were paying for a stupid phone when we don't even have money for food. That afternoon, my parents gave me $100.00 for grocerys.

This week I finished up our "sub-for-santa" we do every year. I want my kids to know that presents aren't important, remembering Jesus is. They have never complained about not getting tons of stuff under the tree and have always looked forward to helping out a family during Christmas. This year, we were blessed with a little extra to spend and were able to give more than we planned on donating. I dropped the gifts off in the afternoon, and that night we were given a very generous gift ourselves! My family was able to fill our home with food, and buy gifts for Christmas.

So let me just say, THANK YOU! To those special people who share "Christ-like love", you are wonderful examples to my family and me. May the spirit of Christmas remain with us throughout our lives. May we always give, of ourselves, acts that reflect our Savior's love for each one of us.

"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame."

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