Friday, December 18, 2009


Last night I had really COLD hands. My son had just stepped out of a nice HOT shower. I couldn't resist!!
I wrapped my arms around him and tucked my hands into his armpits! Ha, ha, ha! He started squirming and shouting and moving around trying to get away. We have pergo flooring and I was wearing socks, so I was half sliding- half being dragged around and after a few minutes I turned to point at him and tell him to "settle down", (I know, I started it. but I was now trying to end it) And instead of raising my pointer finger, I raised my middle one! (that people- is a very loud "brain fart")

Of course my kids start laughing and teasing me about the "way to behave" and "what's appropriate" and all that, so I told them I was going to get in the tub. As I was walking up the stairs I see headlights through the window. I ask my daughter if someone is here and she looks out and says, "It looks like the bishop." I say, "no way." and she snickers, "It REALLY is the bishop." So I look at my son and ask, "just what have you done now?" His come back..."Hey, I'm not the one flipping people off!" (sometimes I'm so proud he is mine)

After welcoming the bishop in I ask, "Did you have a feeling you needed to come visit us?" and he smiles and says, " Yes, actually I did." So I looked at my son, then took a deep breath and told the bishop, "I'm confessing and repenting right now, and the boy will see you in your office right before church on sunday."

Maybe that will teach him not to outwitt his mom!

"The most wasted of all our days are those in which we have not laughed."

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