Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's almost Christmas! All of us know how stressful shopping can be this time of year, and "Joy and goodwill toward men" can quickly turn mean and short-tempered. I have been there too. This Christmas has been alot of fun for me because I decided at the first of the season I was NOT going to let the spirit of Christ be traded for a bad attitude.

In a past post I told how we have been so blessed this year. Because I chose to let Jesus be first we have come through with grateful hearts and humbled spirits that I hope will stay with us in years to come. Now let me tell you about learning from another...

My mom has 8 kids, 6 kids-in-law, 21 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids, and she buys for all of us! This year just like most of us, her buget has been very slim. She decided she would only use cash to do her shopping and had made a list of what she planned to buy from the gas to the gifts to the grocheries. Through the week she has been able to get all her shopping done with one of her children in tow on each trip out the door.

While standing in line at a store with my little brother (he's 31) the other day waiting to get a money order, they over heard a man in front of them who was trying to get some money wired to him from a family member who was out of state. It seems his family was coming from Texas to Idaho for the holiday and their car had broke down on the last leg of their trip. So they were going to be stranded here overnight while they had the car repaired. This family was short $20.00 for a motel room to spend the night and had a little baby who was tired and hungry, and this guy was upset trying to deal with the money transfer, (if you've ever had to do this you would understand) while his wife tryed to calm their crying baby.

My mom pulled out her money envelope, and handed the guy a $50.00 bill. She smiled and said "Merry Christmas" and walked away from the line. My brother said the guy just stood there and looked at her as she walked away, then turned to my brother and told him he didn't know what to say.

After my brother got his money order, he asked my mom why she gave the guy a fifty when he only needed twenty and she said. "because I had it to give." When my brother pointed out that she would be short on her spending money she just shrugged and told him things would work out.

Later on, while they were in line at the grochery store waiting to pay, my mom reached into her coat pocket for a tissue and found an old reciept from October. Wrapped inside was $90.00 cash! Now my brother would argue that it's not really a blessing because the money was hers all along, but I have to disagree. Blessings are not always a gift that we get from someone else, sometimes we gift them to ourselves. What a wonderful example my mom is to me and my family. She truely shows that Christmas is about goodwill to all.

"The Lord does not care so much for the importance of our works as for the love with which they are done."

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