Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wow!, that's all I can say about the speed at which this year flew past. So let me recount some of the highlights of 2009;

In January I got my first real taste of the suffering cancer causes as I helped ease the passing of my aunt from this life to the next.

 Feb. God sent us a wonderful young man from Finland to help raise my son out of life-threatening depression.

April- completed lessons and had a baptism.

May- first Prom for son and daughter. First "mother and daughter shopping trip for prom dress." I hope that dress still fits for prom this year!

Aug.- My son and husband had "who's the bigger man" confrontation that resulted in some very hard "tough love". (tougher on me than them)

Sept.- fender bender in new car! First accident for daughter, scared her to death! Now I am a very careful driver and I allways look 8 times before going through a stop.

Oct.- Husband starts first tests for transplant list. Prayer circle begins.

Nov.- Had absolutly NO money! None for food, bills, gas for car, ect... and were blessed abundantly!

Now we are down to the last days of December. It's sad to say goodbye to 2009 when I feel it just started, but hopefully we will be able to begin 2010 with faith, knowing God is here beside us. Hope in feeling "all things are possible". And love, which is the most powerful blessing we can give, and recieve.

"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every person has many- not on your past misfortunes, of which all people have some."

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