Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night my mom hung up on me. She usually doesn't do things like this, and she was very polite when she did, but the fact is I made her mad!

I don't feel I am wrong. The situations that she trys to "fix" aren't hers to fix. I don't think being the "bad guy" once in a while is a bad thing. I honestly feel that once your kids are 18 (and you have taught them right from wrong) parents DO NOT have any finacial, ethical, or physical obligation to save kids from their mistakes.

I DO believe parents have moral obligations to their kids for the rest of their lives. We have a responsibilty to give them sound, factual guidance about how to handle money. We have to teach them self-disipline and good judgement so they will recognise and avoid wrong behavior. We are told to "train them up in the way they SHOULD go" (note here: God says SHOULD, not WANTS) so they will live long enough to be old!

I have both a very "high horse" and a giant "soap box" and am found on both alot! I have been poor, this happens when I spend all my money! I have been disiplined, it happens quite frequently when I've done something wrong! I have had kids act up, I don't allways set a good example! These are usually known to be called CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!! They are amaizing teaching tools.

My mom's problem is she never wants anyone to be uncomfortable. She is taken advantage of alot! By her own children! It makes me mad! I argue with her, she just gets upset. I yell at my sibblings, mom gets upset. I ignore everyone, My mother gets upset! I point out, in a very reasonable tone, that I will not be manipulated, and she hangs up!

The nice thing about this is she doesn't stay mad long. Most nice people don't. That makes me happy that I'm not thought of as a "nice person" most
of the time, and people expect me to say whatever I please.

I can understand helping your family out. I can't understand digging them out, mostly when I'm (or my mom) is the only one holding a shovel!(may I point out here that climbing is the only way out of a hole.) So, to my very ungrateful sibblings- GROW UP!!!! No one ever escaped a hole by digging!!! and to my mom- glasses don't only come in "rose-colored, try a different pair.

My quote today is one I told my sibblings alot, and now I tell my own kids...

"The world will never love you as much as your mother does!"

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