Saturday, February 20, 2010


These last two weeks have been hard on me. February is allways a bummer, I feel worn out from my busy schedule and I miss the sun! Physically- I'm tired. Emotionally- I'm drained. Spiritually- I'm wondering where I'm supose to be.

I sat at my kitchen table and half-cryed/half prayed this afternoon. The dog was barking, I didn't want to get up, I scream for my son to deal with it, he doesn't answer. Now I'm mad! Why doesn't anyone listen? Why do I have to do everything? I stomp downstairs to his room ready to yell, swing the door open, and stop.

Is there anything more precious than seeing your "baby" sleeping? Yep, it's the little things, like watching a seventeen year old boy take a nap.

Maybe things aren't so bad, after all.

"...where your treasure, there your heart, where your heart, there your happiness."

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