Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Soap box # 1,456,702.

Today I had a heated discussion with a person who was bound and determined to change my view on "gay rights." First let me say, I do NOT hate gay people. I know several people who choose this lifestyle and I like them, but...

I don't think there is any such thing as a "gay culture." Culture is dependant on geographical location. I am sure there are gay people in every country in the world. I have danced Irish dances, eaten Mexican food,
wore African clothes, and watched the Russian ballet. I have never experienced anything uniquely "gay". There is historical record of gay cities, but the cities were destroyed a long time ago. (claiming your decendants of these people would be like claiming your related to the anasazi indians)

I don't believe some people are born gay. I have read the studies, not one is conclusive or offers the same facts as the others. It's more like reading a thesis paper that has no factual data. I have never seen a young child (outside of abuse) demonstrate any sexual act that would lead another person to say, "look, that 5 yr. old is gay!" I'm absoluty sure that gay people have "horney teenager syndrome" just like the rest of the world. There is no gay gene, just like there is no alcoholic gene. If there was, being gay would be a disease. You can't be an alcoholic if you never drink and you can't be gay if you never have sex! You can have tendancies toward these lifestyles, that doesn't make them hereditary.

I think that gay people should not harass religions that preach against it.
Gay people don't like being harassed, so if it's wrong for one- it's wrong for all! If you practise a religion that believes being gay is wrong, change religions! Go to a church that does suport your lifestyle- there are tons of them cropping up everywhere! That's what's nice about living in America, we are free to worship how we want! If you don't like your church go to a different one.

I have seen VERY LIMITED restrictions on gay people in everyday life.
With the proper legal documentation, you can leave an inheritance to whoever you like, you can give power-of-attorney to whoever you like, you can buy a house with whoever you like, and you can have kids with whoever you like. In this day and age relationships are not dependant on marriage, patient's rights are not dependant on marriage, heirs to fortune are not dependant on marriage, nor is raising children dependant on marriage. So quit trying to guilt my conservative mind by telling me you have the right to all these things. None of it is dependant on a marriage certificate!

"Gay clubs" do not belong in schools. Being gay is strictly a SEXUAL Preferance. I don't think KIDS should have sex, the emotional aspects that go along with sexual activity teens are just not ready for. (I know this)
Teens are dramatic! They are impulsive! They are dumb! Why? Because they have not lived long enough to gain any experience. It's very true that "wisdom comes with age". Sex has mature consequences, so encourage kids to wait to have sex with anyone. Let them be kids.

To my gay friends- thanks for liking me. Even if we don't see eye-to-eye,
at least we have interesting conversations. (and thank you for knowing I don't want to hear about your sex-life anymore than you want to hear about mine.)

To everyone else- life is never fair! Someone's allways going to have a problem with someone somewhere about something, it's what makes us individuals! We do not have to stomp someone into the mudd to find ground to stand on! If there's something the world has plenty of, it's DIRT and it's found everywhere!

""...try to use a method called the positive-negative approach. ...positively identify the negatives and work from there."

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