Thursday, March 4, 2010


O.k. right to the heart of things...

Husband's kidney transplant is scheduled for May 11. Getting to this point has been a big headache and I am feeling resentful and bitter to several people involved. I know this is not helpful to me, it won't change things, and God expects better behavior, but for today- I HATE THEM ALL!

So there.

The heart of the home...

Son is finishing driver's ed. and hopes to have his learner's permit by the end of the week.

Daughter finished a very cute pair of p.j. bottoms in art class and has been modeling them for 3 nights in a row. (made it into the washer while she is at school)

Son is finally on to EAGLE! He has started his eagle project and will complete it in about 2 weeks.

Daughter is slowly working towards completion of her medallion. If you see her, tell her to "pick up the pace".

The love of my heart...

Marriage is hard work, let's leave it at that.

The black heart of business...

I hate being self-employed. I hate my mailbox. I hate being broke. Yep, business is gloomy and I can't see the light at the end. I hate trials.

Bless their hearts...

My mom told me I was robbing her of blessings because I didn't let her pay our gas bill. I did, however, let her buy soap. (& told her she could be the one to spend the night at the hospital when transplant comes)

My friend, who has it worse than I ever had, tried to pay for her massage. I never charge her!!! It's my way of helping her and returning the friendship she gives. She was practically giving me her food money because she wants to help.

My aunt set up a donation account for us at a local credit union. She is allways praying for us and trying to soften my prideful hard-headedness.

The center of my heart...

God knows me, He loves me, He hears me, after all- my heart is still beating.

" through the heartfelt mercies of our God..."

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  1. Amber... what a blessing that your husband will finally be getting that transplant. May I ask where, and what the name is on the account that your aunt set up for you? We'll be praying for all of you, that you'll be blessed through these trials. xoxo Dixie


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