Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a wonderful time at my mom's for Easter dinner. We usually have a huge gathering but this year most of the family was "out and about" so dinner guests were few. My son, who swears he hates little kids, was "Mr. Popular" with little girl cousins who wouldn't leave him alone. My husband had fun with my 5 yr. old nephew building a service truck out of tinker-toys. I laughed listening to them talk about big tool trucks complete with "hair messers". (air compressors) My husband had to promise my nephew that he could come to our house and play with the big crane on his truck sometime soon.

My daughter played with my brother's pitbull puppy most of the day so we didn't see much of her, and I got to feed the babies lots and lots of candy!! My neice actually told me she couldn't have anymore because her tummy was hurting. Wisdom out of the mouths of babes. (giggle)

My mom sent home leftovers so we will eat well tonight, yea! Actually I had strawberry shortcake for breakfast, yea! I love the holidays.

After we ate and visited at my mom's we went to the in-laws, nice visit there. I have a small truce with my mother-in-law, If I keep my husband close and my mouth CLOSED we have a pleasent time visiting.

Over-all, I love the spirit of the holidays, I love bringing family together, and I love the reason for that togetherness... Our Savior, JESUS.

"He is risen"

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