Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yesterday was prom....

Actually this year turned out pretty nice. Students held it at the school. Son helped paint some garden furniture and hang decorations. It looked really nice. (I sneeked a peek earlier in the day)
Daughter barrowed a dress from a friend. She looked lovely. Son looked great. Both went "stag" and had a nice time. NO STRESS FOR MOM!!!! How's that for a mother's day present?

Today was 5k....

Amazing!! We had a good turn out. It's weird to be up early after only 5 hours of sleep but once I warmed up I was enjoying myself. The walk itself was shorter than it was supose to be, (small error with the human landmarks) but no one got lost thanks to my friend's phonecall concerning her missing daughter, who-by the way-was following someone who was not her mother! (he,he,he) Well, we all returned safe and sound and a little thinner. I love being in good company! It makes me feel like smiling.

Tonight is regonal dance....

I wonder if my kids are up for it?

Tuesday is transplant....

I hope my husband is prepared for it!

Mother's day is tomarrow....

I can't wait for it! My bed misses me!!

" the world is moving so fast, the man who says it can't be done is interrupted by someone doing it."

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