Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So, I know some parents don't "invade" their kids privacy by being their kids' friends' friend on facebook, and I don't request their friends be my friends BUT if the invitation comes... Yes, I accept it!

This offers me an opportunity to see just what really goes on in their everyday lives. I get to meet their friends and see just what kind of people/upbringing/temperments these kids have. I can say it's almost like following my kids around 24/7! Believe me if they are doing something silly,stupid, illigal, or wrong, there's a picture of it on facebook!

Today I got a request from my son's friend. He's from Asia and I have been so impressed with this kid (overlooking his bright yellow hair) all year. He's polite, respectful, quiet, well-mannered, all the things you want in your kids' friends right? So I clicked on accept and his profile comes onto the screen. The first thing I notice is a picture of him and my son standing side by side, with their backs against a brick wall...

Smoking cigarettes! Yep, it does my heart proud to know that some other mom, halfway around the world is thinking- "but I thought his friend was a NICE BOY!"

"Stupid is as stupid does."

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