Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hmmm, I just finished reading a blog that brought up "should mothers work or not?" While I understand that some moms MUST work (that means not being able to provide the necessities like food, shelter, clothes) to make ends meet, and the Lord expects us to work for what we have, I don't generally support the working mom's position, and I wish the best for those who HAVE TO WORK, because I know they really do know what they are missing.

I feel that mothers should be home with their kids. Why have them if you are just going to give them over to someone else to take care of? Let me tell you, 10 hours with a couple of toddlers IS HARD WORK!!! You don't think daycare providers are as glad to see the work shift end as you are after being "on your feet all day?" Some people believe moms who stay home have an easier time of it. HA, think of it like this... how would you feel if everyone one your shift came in 2 hours late, tryed to do the other person's job while wired on caffeine and sugar, during a magnitude 8 earthquake, and then wanted to go home 10 minutes before a deadline had to be met on the day you were going to ask for a raise? Just some food for thought.

Also, Children are very open to influences and impressions. If you want them to grow up with your values and morals YOU HAVE GOT TO BE AROUND TO GUIDE THEM!!!! Don't tell me that's not true. If you want me to prove the point- say a cuss word in front of a 3 yr. old at least once every hour for just one day, I can guarantee he will pick up on it, use it quite frequently, laugh about it, and never forget who he learned it from!

Besides, isn't it sad when mom gets to hear from the caregiver that her baby walked for the first time, child lost first tooth, or gets to see the "fantastic" sticker at the top of the spelling list, etc... I remember being at my aunt's house and her young child was crying and lunging out of her arms because the babysitter was going home!!!! how sad!!!

Sure there have been times I wanted to spend the afternoon on the beach,soaking up the sun and enjoying a frozen pina colada, BUT NEVER when I have been lounging beside the kiddie pool sharing a Popsicle with my babies while they splashed and played. There have been times when I wished I could be out dining at a 5 star restaurant wearing a designer dress and expensive jewelry, BUT NEVER when I was shopping for "just the right" dress with my daughter so she could go to prom, or helping my son pick out flowers for a girlfriend's birthday. I've wished for a night at a fine hotel with room service and a mattress that didn't sag in the middle, BUT NEVER when I wake up to 2 teenagers, 5 cats, and a 100 lb. dog all wanting breakfast at 7:00 in the morning! Most of my vacation fantasies happened right after one of my kids threw up on the floor because the other one refused to come out of the bathroom after trying to flush 6 rocks and half a roll of toilet paper down the toilet.)

Parenting is work. It's hard work. It will stretch your finances and your patience. But I will take hearing, "mom, remember that time when..." over "Mrs.***, you're up for a promotion because..." anytime. Because they are worth my time, energy, & love! (And because, I never want to hear- "Mom, I needed you but you weren't around.")

Of course, If dad is staying home while mom works- GO FOR IT!!! We stay at home moms need these men to validate the truthfulness of our struggles!!!

"the walks and talks we have with our 2 yr. olds in red boots have a great deal to do with the values they will cherish as adults."

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  1. thanks for your comment! it's good to meet the husband's side of the family through blogging. :)


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