Thursday, June 24, 2010


Whewww, We are finally moving away from the brink of bankruptcy! It's summer and work is picking up for everybody which has enabled businesses to pay us, which in turn allows us to pay those we owe money too.
I have to say it is nice to be able to sleep again!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us, my parents who basically supported us for 3 months, My church, who fed us, my friends, who checked up on us, and GOD, WHO DIDN'T LET ME GIVE UP!!! Because, let me tell you, there were quite a few days I was packing up and running away and allot more days when I didn't see the sense in even getting up to pack so I could run away!!

Maybe now that there is room to breathe I can get enough oxygen to my head that my hair will quit falling out and I can keep 2 thoughts together. And please, if I have been a total witch to you, I am SO SORRY! Just remind me of the incident and I will grovel appropriately.

On to another note, My son is going to be 18 in a month. He has developed this awful habit of screaming in my face every time he doesn't get his way. "SHUT UP!!! FU**  OFF!!! I'M DONE LISTENING!!! SSHHHUUUTTTTTT UUUPPPPP!!!!! The problem I have is this... His dad talks to me like this when he is mad. I have to admit, I am not very nice back, but since he was diagnosed as being bipolar last fall, I have tryed to hold my tongue and be rational and understanding. (I know he gets it from his mother's side of the family) The diagnosis has let me see allot of his personality flaws are due to this disease not his being mean.
My son was diagnosed with clinical depression almost 2 years ago, however he is not bipolar.

So my question is this- I have told him when he is 18 he will be "invited" to move out if he doesn't stop treating me like this. His dad does not want him to move. So, do I fight with my husband to defend myself against verbal abuse and try to instill some respect for women in my son or do I refuse to argue and silently hold my ground and risk having a yo-yo adult/child move in and out of my house because he can't behave?

Let me add that my husband is on medication and it has helped tremendously! But now I think he feels guilty and is doing all he can to make up for the years he wasn't involved in the kids lives. I don't generally have problems with my son when it comes to household chores and helping others. He has developed this attitude from watching the other men in our family treat the women around them. They don't see anything wrong with it so why should he? Wouldn't it be nice if, when he behaved like this, EACH MALE MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY would bring him to task! (I can only dream)

So I keep praying and forcing "good men" into his life, hopefully soon he will come to the understanding that this behavior is not the mark of a MAN! Here's to a future lesson learned.

"Be kind to the women. They constitute half of the population and are mothers to the other half."

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