Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was lying on the floor in our hallway the other morning and I could hear my daughter and a friend arguing about the proper way to spell Jacob. You know, Jacob is spelled with a "c" and Jake is spelled with a "k".
Soon I hear, "Mom, how do you spell Jacob?" So I start Spelling, J, A, C, O, B out loud. you can hear the two of them in there saying, "that's what I thought." and "I told you so."

When I sat up a few minutes later I found my daughter drawing on her friend's arm in bright purple pen...
TEAM JACOB! (drawing on body parts is a big NO, NO, NO at my house so of course the "tattoo" didn't get finished)

Flash back about 13 years...

I was relaxing in the tub and my son asks through the door, "how do you spell B********?" I spell back, B, *, *, etc. When I come out of the bathroom I find my son has written B******* in bright yellow crayon across the bookshelf!

So this proves no matter how hard you try there are somethings your kids are never going to out-grow!

"there is no joy in life like the joy of sharing."

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  1. Too funny! Actually, I think they do grow out of it and then when they turn 12 or so, it starts all over again. :)


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