Saturday, July 10, 2010



So it is very RARE that anyone can outwit me with a good comeback. My husband was right on today.

As most of you know, we have been feeling a lot of financial strain (pain) for a while and "We don't have any money!" has become my mantra. I say it a lot! Sentences don't even have to be completed before I start chanting.

Anyway, he was almost done with dialysis and he said, "I want to stop for a hot dog on the way home." I told him he could have bologna.

he said, "I don't want bologna, I want a hot dog."

I said, "we don't have the money for hot dogs! and all bologna is - is a hot dog that has been rolled flat!" Then I preceded to tell him he wouldn't be able to tell the difference and he should be happy to have the bologna to eat!

Point made. Discussion over.

Soon we are driving down the road, He holds up a dollar bill and says, "I want to stop for a BOLOGNA ROLL-UP!"

I was still laughing when we pulled into Wienersnitchel!

"because... He makes me laugh!"

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  1. make me laugh! Good post. We sure do miss you guys. It's just not the same with out you.


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