Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today was good.

My son was awarded his Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Scouts! Better yet, my son LOVES scouts!!!!

It's pretty much the only thing connecting us through these teen years. What's not to love?

Teaching boys to love God & country is imperative to the protection of our land and government. People will die to protect what they love.

Along the way they get to learn Independence, integrity, honesty, unity & respect. I don't think anyone has a problem with these qualities but allot of people are missing them. I take pride in knowing my son has been taught & hopefully will remember (and apply) these values in his life. He has so much potential to be a great man.

We had friends and family come join us for a awesome Eagle presentation. What a magnificent animal! If you get the chance, look at my photo's on facebook, the Golden Eagle really was amazing to see!

I prepared a lunch of finger food. Tacos, veggies, tortilla roll-ups, (minus the bologna) fruit, and goodie bags filled with candy! Thanks for the help everyone!

A great gift was presented to my son. A wood carving of eagles, hand carved. It's very impressive!

Did you know, out of the three million (plus) boys who join scouts at age 12, only about four percent make it to the rank of Eagle? FOUR PERCENT! I guess that qualifies as an Elite organization. We were honored to recognise our Bishop, Youth Scout Leader, Scout Master, Grandpa, & Uncle (also a decorated Military Vet) as Eagle Scouts and are privileged to have our son welcomed by them.

I encourage people to support the Boy Scouts of America and to show your admiration to the boys who work to reach the rank of Eagle. Also, to those who continue to work beyond Eagle- Great Job!!

"...And they shall rise up with wings like eagles"

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