Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm mad at my son. Nothing new, right? Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the "world owes me everything- because I keep it revolving" attitude?!

I am ready for him to move out. I thought about waiting until he grew up a little before pushing him into the big, scary world, but now I think the world can have him and he can come back after he's grown! He "KNOWS" everything right now, he is ready for adulthood, he doesn't need parents telling him what to do, after all-

He has a CAR
He has over $200.00 in the bank
He has JOB applications turned in at 8 different stores

Yes, WORLD, I can hear you laughing way over here! I would join in but I have a headache right now.

The not so funny part of this whole ordeal is, I remember being this way too. I talk and plead and council and yell, but my son doesn't listen. My tongue is sore from me biting it, my throat hurts from me yelling, (actually, the yelling does help me feel a little better. I know he hears me when I yell, even if he doesn't listen.) & my knees hurt from praying that he'll grow up and become a good man.

I hate the teen years!!!

I am feeling resentful and used. How long do I have to wait until this feeling goes away? I think I need to start a therapy group. I'll call it, FREAKS. (FRIENDS RECOVERING from EXPOSURE to ADOLESCENT KIDS SYNDROME) Hey, everyone needs a cause, right?!

I predict a huge following. (information on joining this group will soon follow)

"There aren't any hard & fast rules for getting ahead in the world...just hard ones."

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