Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here we go...again!

I took my daughter school shopping the other day. She goes to a private school and has to wear a uniform so this should be relatively painless right? WRONG!

First, she has to have pants that fit "just so", then she has to have skorts- not skirts, none of these can be grey or bark blue. Pants have to be beige or brown but not ugly shades (as if there is a non-ugly shade!) and she wants khaki or plaid skorts, and she wants a new backpack with no pink or brown on it, that she can wear over her shoulder with one strap.

I can do this.

We found "cute slacks with a cute, cute, cute belt" for $4.80! (org. $55.00) of course there is only one pair in her size! then we found 2 skorts for $6.00 each! (org. $36.00) both are khaki, one has a belt. So we come home and make sure we have enough uniforms to start school and she says, "Do I wear the skort with the belt or the one without the belt?" I said, "try all your clothes on and see what combination you like best."

She puts her slacks on, you know the ones with "the cute, cute, cute belt" and I say, "tuck your shirt in and see how it looks." She whines back, "I never wear my shirts tucked in, it makes me look like I have a muffin top!" Then she tries on her skorts and says, "this one doesn't look good with the blue shirt so I'll have to wear it with the white one and the other skort with the blue shirt." (these skorts are the SAME color!)

Then of course her shoes, BOTH BRAND-NEW PAIR, don't look good with anything we just bought! (not even the "cute, cute, cute" belt!)

Thank goodness I bought socks & underwear at the beginning of the summer.

We still haven't got the backpack. I told her if I have to hear her whine it might as well be because she's using her "old PINK one that she wears on her BACK!

Have I ever mentioned that I don't do well with teenagers? I have, however, mastered praying for patience!
Yep, I'm a pro!

"The butterfly can just look back, flap those wings and say, "Oh yeah! I never have to be a worm again!"

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  1. Oh girl... school shopping is exhausting. I thought uniforms would be easier, but the roll of Mom is never easy, is it? Hope her first week of school was great!


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