Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm sure I have mentioned before that I love the tub! I really do! It's where I stew over things that irritate me, hide from things that hurt me, reward myself for a job well done, heal the spiritual, pamper the physical, & relax the mental parts of myself. It's my escape. I am pretty sure world peace could be found in the tub. I am convinced world domination was almost brought about because of the tub... Just look at the size of Roman bathhouses!

Anyway, I have spent lots & lots of time in the tub these last two weeks because,

My son wrecked his car

I'm mad at my sister & brother

My husband is feeling picked on

My son is being difficult

Finances are tight AGAIN

School is back in session

& I have not been sleeping well!

To top it all off, I found myself in a fit of temper, in my p.j's with a towel wrapped around my head, out on my front porch SWEARING/VENTING to some of my church members because I was mad at my son, my husband, & my brother and these two just happened to be men! To give them due credit- They took it like MEN! (and then probably offered up a prayer of thanks because they don't have to live with me!)

For all my rage what did I get in return?

A prayer

A text

A phone call

A sunrise

& another bath

So while I don't think the problems are going away any time soon, I can say I feel a little better. After all, if you think about the whole "screaming, towel-turbaned, teary-eyed, shrew" picture it will probably make you smile too.

"when you knock on the devil's door expect to be head-slammed into a wall!"

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  1. I am so sorry you are going through more tough times. I would say - you deserve many baths!! On the other had me laughing so hard that I now have tears in my eyes.
    Oh how I miss you. ;)
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you always.


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