Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This Christmas was a nice one. Since my kids are (practically) grown, I shopped for practical gifts!
My husband really wanted the DVD "The princess and the frog" so we splurged and bought the movie! My kids usually get a new movie on Christmas, this year it was "Eclipse" for my daughter and "The expendables" for my son.

My kids are not morning people and we have never been up before 8:00 am in all their years. Well, this year my daughter had us up at 6:00 am! The reason? She ate so much at dinner the night before she didn't sleep well so decided we might as well open presents! My husband and I got up and opened gifts and the went right back to bed!

My son, as you know, doesn't live with us any more so we didn't see him until the afternoon when he came over to open his gifts. We had a nice time and I took some pictures. I think my son was pretty happy with his gifts which were basically necessities for him like shoes, shampoo, shirts and a laundry basket. (yes, I bought my son a laundry basket for Christmas)

My daughter got a little more extravagant gifts like jewelry, music, make-up, and dress clothes. I justify this by saying... she still lives at home, so I can do it!

Over-all Christmas this year was relaxing and enjoyable. I loved it!

I hated most of 2010, it just wasn't our year. For 2011 let's just say... I'm begging, pleading, hoping, praying, wishing, and planning for a good one!

"Let the count down begin! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, ..."

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