Friday, March 18, 2011


Spring is here, I have seen daffodils already.

About this time of year I start to get the need to spring clean. This year I have the urge to throw out everything! Most of it is hand-me-down or discount/thrift store anyway. After 19 years of marriage you would think I would have more to my house than someone else's cast-offs.

Before I start purging my junk I have decided on a mantra. To be open, one needs space!

Pretty good, huh?

See, this works both ways,

First- open spaces are not cluttered and are easier to clean.

And second- If my life is less cluttered, I will be more open.

So, wish me luck. If you see piles of junk on my driveway and feel your own urge to browse, remember someone else's junk is NOT another person's treasure- it's still junk! (If it was worth anything I would be keeping it or would of handed it down to some deserving soul already).

"There is always room for improvement- it's the biggest room in the house."

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