Friday, January 20, 2012


My life in dollars...

$17,623.62 replace blown motor,

$1,918.24 exhaust system on truck,

$350.00 (approx.) new washing machine,

$469.73 new brakes on car,

$15,000.00 (approx.) new engine in truck,

$327.00 2 visits to veterinary hospital,

$300.00 (approx) new dishwasher,

yes, the rain started Nov. 23 and poured down in Dec. now here we are in Jan. and we are trying to keep our heads above the flood waters.

When the dishwasher died and I called my mom, she said, "I don't want to hear anymore bad news! can't you give me some good news?" I told her the good news is I have a bottle of dish soap.

Then my daughter offered to wash the dishes. I thought that was nice, until she said, "washing dishes in the sink is easier than washing laundry in the bathtub!" (which I have been doing to save trips down to my mom's to use her washer) In my defence, cotton clothes are not really hard to wash by hand. It was the towels & sheets that almost broke me!

I have a greater appreciation for my home appliances and the convenience they provide.

I have not, however, come to terms with being in debt and broke all the time, I am holding out for an explanation that makes sense to me.

AND I am really mad that I can't go to Hawaii!!!!

We've been here before, I know we will live through it but sometimes I wish I could be more pessimistic and not reason myself out of it!

"all it takes to fly is to hurl yourself at the ground...and miss"

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