Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 We had another problem come up yesterday when my son got hurt at work. We are down to one car so the afternoon carpool went like this;

4:00pm husband calls because son is injured. Dad drives my husband & son from shop to our house, I drive son to instacare, dad drives husband to dialysis then goes back to shop, my brother goes and gets my daughter from school takes her to our parent's house, after instacare I take son to smiths for RX and some groceries then drive him to his house, then I drive to my parents to get daughter and we go to pick up husband from dialysis and finally we are home at 10:37pm. Yes it was a long, long night.

The good news?

My son was pleasant, grateful, nice and a joy to be around while we were together! He even said that he should have listened to what I said about having some money put away for emergencies! (as I was paying his bill at the doctors. he does have to pay us back) so I rewarded him with an almond joy candy bar.

My feelings on the night?

I am tired but hopeful that everything will settle down. It could have been worse, I'm glad it wasn't. And I am really surprised and happy at how my son behaved toward me. It has been months since he had anything nice to say to me and I am crossing my fingers that he (maybe) is starting to mature and think like a man. The polite gratitude from him was a WELCOME, REFRESHING SURPRISE!

I remember now how much I love that boy!

"Here's to hoping..."

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