Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Life is settling back down. (After a weekend of hell! Yes, we had the police here... again. I am hoping with all of the visits we get from law enforcement my son just might consider a carreer move. He could make a great cop!)

Anyway, as I was drowning in the floodwaters of this winter I was thrown another life-line. I am so grateful, really I am, I just think it would be better if God would plant me on a firm foundation, instead of giving me all these "little, humbling, teaching moments" in the middle of rising waters... He knows I am an awful student that would rather splash about than get into the boat!

Because of that, I get extended swimming lessons! Yea me!

On to the wonderful "life-line" He provided. I got a free washer & dryer last week! Thanks to my wonderful aunt & uncle who found a great bargan & forked over the cash, I now have a WORKING WASHER!! Can't tell you how happy, happy ,happy we were to get them! My wonderful neighbors helped put them in & hook them up! (at dinner time, no less) and between take out and install I painted my washroom, which was purple (yuck) when we moved in 16 years ago but now is a clean bright white! After everything was finished my daughter and I actually stood downstairs and listened to the washer complete a full cycle out of sheer joy to have clean clothes in 30 minutes. yes, we were that happy! LOL!

So, yesterday I washed 12 loads of laundry! Most I have ever had in my married life! I can honestly say that I was happy to do it!

"just whistle while you work..."


  1. Why is it that we can only learn true gratitude through loss? I am so so happy for your new appliances. You're right - I bet it was sheer joy.

  2. And I don't mean you alone - I mean as humans. Some lessons I just DON'T get. And then I'm forced to get it.


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