Friday, June 8, 2012


Now that graduation is finished & summer officially started at our house I feel like I am accomplishing more in a day than I ever have in the past.

Most of my house work is done before noon, paperwork is a twice-a-week thing, morning walks have become evening walks, & projects and repairs are planned for the near future.

I have found time to read again.

My daughter & I have been driving around town, practising. (her driving-my yelling. sorry, I am not nor ever want to be a good "driving instructor")

I have found myself becoming centered again.

My husband & I are enjoying each other. This stemming partly from a fight in the car where he told me I needed therapy because "I had so many past issues with him" and my answer, "you bet! & it"s not all past issues, so let's go get some counseling!" I think my agreeing with him (or more honestly, me agreeing with his sister's/mother's opinion) confused him a little. We haven't gone to counseling yet, but I think it's a fabulous idea.

What I see spread out before me is a transition. Now that my years of "raising kids" are over I am ready for a change.

I am more than a housewife and to tell the truth I never really was good at it.

I am more than a mother but being "mom" has been my greatest joy.

I am more than a wife, even a mental one!

I have skills & education, but are those flowing with the person I need to become?

I guess we will find out in the next few weeks what my future holds for me.

"The winds of change..."

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