Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's graduation time again. Yep, my daughter, our youngest, is graduating from high school tonight.

So here is a little highlight of her school years. There have been many wonderful things but I am just going to list one for every grade.

Kindergarten- In a book entitled "All about me" she has drawn a huge snowman-shaped person with stick arms & legs and a very, large frowny-face! the page was titled "The chores I do." (smart girl)

First grade-Won 2nd place in the school science fair.

Second grade-Made Gold Metals for the school games. Stood out in the cold to catch a glimpse of the real Olympic Torch as it was carried through town on it's way to Salt Lake.

Third grade-Did a report on the Harp Seal and it's habitat. (home school, first year)

Fourth grade-Won 2nd place in our town council's poetry contest. Poem was titled, "My lovable cats."

Fifth grade-Adopted a Grey seal from the Riverhead Foundation in New York. (This was done with money she earned for reading. A penny a page was paid out & the money sent to the foundation goes to care for the rescue & rehabilitation of injured or sick marine wild life.)

Sixth grade- Wrote, "Be the first woman president" in her memory book under the heading, I'd like people 100 years from now to remember me for:"

Seventh grade- Took a field trip/vacation to Sea World in California and swam with the Beluga whales.

Eighth grade-  Favorite thing this year was Pioneer trek with youth group.

Ninth grade- (private school) Helped make the props for the high school play in art class.

tenth grade- Made the honor roll all four quarters!

Eleventh grade- Spirit Club. Painted red, white and blue stripes & stars all over their bodies to support the school's baseball team!

Twelfth grade- Captain of the Volley-ball team.

We wish her the best and brightest future as she closes this chapter of her life. Knowing she built some friendships, learned the value of hard work, and prepared to head into whatever the world has waiting for her, we can see that she will succeed!

"That knowledge and learning is to be cultivated, and ignorance dissipated, none but the Virtuous are wise."

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