Monday, July 2, 2012


The picture above should get you thinking.

Freedom is not free.

"life, liberty and happiness" were paid for...

by someone's loved one,

who loved their country enough to die.

who believe in freedom for all people

that they are still willing to die.

Remember to be grateful,

honor those who deserve it.

KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED if you don't agree with it,

and if you open it, admit someone granted you the freedom to do so!

America's freedom is still craved by many

who are willing to die

to have it.

I am proud to be an American.

My eyes fill with tears of gratitude at the sight of our flag.

My heart swells when I see our military,

I am humbled by the truth of our beginings

and ache when I see the bitterness of those who are ignorant of it.

God bless every nation so that all people can be as blessed as we are,

and God, please continue to bless America.

" America...from sea to shining sea..."

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