Tuesday, September 11, 2012


oh, goodness it's been a long time and I have missed posting! right now I am writing from my cell phone. It's new, unfortunately it was bought with the funds for our new computer. Isn't that how it goes...

So we are still saving.

So much has happened in the weeks since my last post. It's all very dramatic and I would laugh except the tears keep coming.

Our son is in jail. yes, he is learning a hard lesson. Long story for another time.

Our daughter moved out. here again- hard lesson that must be learned. This one started with the announcement that she "was almost 19 and old enough to make her own choices!" As she packed a backpack and drove off with her 16 yr. old boyfriend.

I know, talk about hard lessons!    So here we are empty-nesting. Deciding on furniture arrangements and new paint. We have enjoyed our quiet evenings. (most spent hashing over our kids' rebellion.      

And I am finding it very difficult to post so I will leave you with  this small tid-bit for now. Hope the new computer comes soon.

"there is adversity in all things."


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