Monday, September 17, 2012


Hello again! Hopefully this time I will be able to complete my post without mishap. We still don't have a new computer, but hopefully soon.

Tomorrow is our daughter's 19th birthday. She is still living with her friend, (not boyfriend) and pretending life belongs only to the "young & dumb." She came today & picked up her gift, Of course now that she lives away from home it was necessities like razors, hair products, shower gel... I really like being the mom of adult kids because shopping for them is allot easier & allot cheaper!:) She does have a job so I will be glad of that.

I have been washing walls & shampooing carpets this week. We are finally getting our home office & massage room finished up! I'm so excited! There is nothing that warms my soul like organization! Ha, ha!
So if you love massage, let's get together soon!

I feel a little sad that my kids are gone. It's not that they left, (heaven knows they were old enough to leave the nest) but it was the manner in which they left. I wanted to have the opportunity to help them gather furniture for an apartment & buy their first bag of groceries. I feel totally jipped on that end but justified in my refusal to support stupidity. I want my kids to be successful and they certainly have the capacity for it!

Our pets have had a hard time too! Kendall bawled at the door for 4 days when our daughter left and here it is almost 1 month later & he still crys when he hears a girl outside. Simi has also taken to sleeping with us at night because she gets cold. The other night I couldn't sleep so at 3:00 am when I finally went to bed we had my husband, me, Khan, Kendall, Simi, Winston & Sab'or all sleeping in our queen-size bed. It was a cute picture for sure!

Our son is out of jail. He spent the better part of a month in there. It was awful & I hoped he learned his lesson! He also lost his chance at joining the Marine Corps. This was very, very, very hard for me to take.
Probably one of the worst times in my life was standing in front of the Staff Sargent explaining why my son was in jail! I cryed the entire time. This was even worse than having to tell my parents I was pregnant at 16!
I hope he learns something from the experience.

Out of all this month has brought about, I have given up on my family entirely! My mom & I had it out and I came to the conclusion that I can't change any one's thinking with facts! I refuse to watch or participate in the complete failure of my family. So I am staying away and praying that someone with more influence can bring about some positive, healthy change.

Same goes for my mother-in-law who told me the other day that "all I ever wanted was perfect kids!" Well what mother doesn't? but I was nor am that delusional! I knew my kids weren't perfect but I had hoped they would be the ones to break away from the generational sins that are so prevalent in our combined families and use their brains to bring about a change. I am still mad at her for this one!

So, Here I am at this pivotal moment in time using "elbow grease" to keep from driving myself crazy and going "postal" on my entire family. My husband has been a joy through it all thus saving himself allot of bruises and a grave out in the back yard! LOL! Who would have guessed the kids leaving would reveal this side of him?

I am planning on great things coming out of this mess. I just hope down the road things start turning around for my kids too. After all, I don't want to be the "wicked parent" forever!

"Instant gratification is never soon enough!"

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