Monday, December 10, 2012


Oh my heck! Sometimes I could just strangle people! This weekend was one of those times.

My very nice neighbor moved out a couple of months ago to help an aging relative. She left behind her married son, his pregnant wife, and their child with assurances that they would be "mellow" neighbors. (the assurance was given because said son's high school buddy lives across the street and he is NOT mellow)

So began the driveway wars...

We park our service truck in the R.V. parking behind our house. aka-back driveway. Over the years we have had to ask several neighbors, repeatedly to move their vehicles so we can access our property. it's a little inconvenient but I try not to make a big deal about it, after-all I have to live by these people. (this is one of those lessons where I matured out of their rudeness)

Well, son decided that he could park where he chose on the street & since most of my other neighbors don't utilize their own driveways, why should he?

It created a problem...

So late at night or early in the morning either my daughter or myself were over there feeding the dog handfuls of cookies to avoid being nipped-to-death by their German Shepard while we scrambled up the drive to ask them to move their vehicles so we could either get in or out of our drive. I have to say the dog is not mean, just shy, territorial and going blind so she has a hard time of it.

After the 9th or 10th time I decided to bring mom into it. This mostly because son wasn't getting the hint.
So I started texting mom to tell them they needed to move the vehicles hoping that would work. It didn't.
All it accomplished was another battle with them leaving their work van in the way & leaving until all hours or telling us it wasn't their car or they'd be home in a few minutes or turning off their lights and acting like they weren't home... You get the picture.

Well, when mom became less & less effective I started calling the police. This I hated! Domestic issues are the worst! & I really believe the police have better things to do then come to my house because of a rude neighbor. (heaven knows, they were here enough with my teen) This was drastically more effective than my polite requests. Actually really effective with ALL the neighbor's parking habits! LOL!

On the recommendation of the police I did go & buy "No Parking" signs but I haven't put them up. Things like that are offensive to me! I look at that like I do "No Trespassing" signs, it's just so unwelcoming and obviously rude! I might just put them up now though, I'm beyond caring if I hurt some one's feelings now.

This last saturday night, my husband & I were snuggling up in bed reading when we hear a thunk on the house. It was snowing so I thought the snow was just falling off the tree & went back to reading. A few minutes later I hear it again only now it sounded like it was hitting the windows of the house so I got up & checked. Sure enough the window in the other bedroom was cracked along the bottom pane. That annoyed me because the window was already cracked along the top. (yes, new windows are needed) So I went back into the room to tell my husband & heard the sound again. He said "that sounded like someone hitting the house & he got up & looked. we saw no one so we got back into bed. Just as we started reading again here comes a snowball right at our bedroom window! So both my husband & I got up to look. We saw no one so husband got back into bed.

I'm madder than him & more patient so I stood there waiting. Pretty soon I see movement over at my neighbors. Yes someone is peeking up at me through the window & then I see another person slink up the stairs on their belly and around the corner into the bedroom. A few minutes into my stare down the curtains begin to close & then the lights go out.

CAUGHT! (yes people, they used the same trick twice)

I thought about texting mom. My husband wanted to call the police. (actually he wanted to rip their heads off, but he didn't say that out loud) But I am tired of the crap!!! So what is the next recourse?

I posted on face book.

It was a sarcastically polite request to stop throwing snowballs at our house with details of the perp. I'll tell you, that got mom's attention, FAST!

Her response to her children's mischief?

I need to buy clothes & put up blinds. Yes I was completely confused on how my windows (or my body's) lack of covering had anything to do with her children throwing snowballs at my window. (in my own defense, both my husband & I were covered)

So I sent her a private e-mail. Well come to find out her view is entirely different than my view & for years they have been watching my husband & me in several states of undress! AND SHE NEVER SAID A THING! neither did the neighbor who lived there before her. So now not only am I pissed-off but I am completely embarrassed too!

It's not that they could see us dressing, which had to be at night, because I'm not offended by the human body but that her kids were exposed to that for years while they were growing up! Why didn't anyone speak up?

So now I'm dressing in the bathroom. No I'm not blocking my window, I need the light or I'd suffocate in my house. (if you've been reading my blog for a time maybe you remember my daughter insisting people were watching her through the window? how right she was)

My husbands response to my neighbor's comment? He waved his bare butt in front of the window just in case they wanted a closer look! *snicker*

I'm glad that this issue (& not my body) is out in the open even if the damage has already been done. I'm taking a stand of being the innocent party here because I really had no idea I was providing a strip-tease every time I got dressed, but the why of the snow has yet to be explained. BTW, mom says it was 15 year old daughter so maybe that is an explanation in itself, "teenager". And I'll still be mad because it was a "teenager"! I happen to think the other perp was the wife of son who is not only NOT a teenager but the mother of 2 children herself, for shame!

So overall, I can honestly say- face book gets results.

Might not always be in the way we want & I might have to force a blush down when I see my other neighbors at church, but maybe- just maybe things will calm down and we can have peace (& parking) in our circle again.

"They call her the streak..."

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