Saturday, February 23, 2013


It's been a while.

Our Christmas was really, really nice.

New years, I didn't even ask God for this year to be good. Since in the past that hasn't worked out well, I just asked that we be able to get through. Wimpy but it's all I had in me.

Valentine's was simple & nice. Quick dinner out & a card and candy bar later we were totally ok with it.

We have a small out-patient surgery for hubby on Feb. 26 to scope & balloon fistula and then on March 12 he is going in for major surgery to remove his now diseased left kidney. Through this we are on "hold" for transplant. so we maintain our position on list but can't accept a kidney until cleared by doctor. It's a little frustrating but what about kidney failure isn't? goes back to "let us just get through it".

I have a dear friend who has allowed me to take over her Sunday clients. This has really helped! It has given me an extra $300.00 plus a month to put toward my student loan. I really, really want this debt gone and am working hard to pay it off. (even if church has been missed, I make it a requirement to listen to good things on my drive. This month has been Beth Moore, love this woman!!!!)

We are also doing family pictures on the 2 of march with hubby's family. I thought about doing them in November for a Christmas gift to his parents but time slipped away from us... Sadly, my father-in-law slipped away on the 25 of January. It was a peaceful passing & his children were with him, memorial was nice & we are loving on mother-in-law as much as we can. But isn't it sad that it takes a death to get you back to important things? hence, the pictures.

Daughter also returned home. She had a breakdown on Christmas and admitted she'd been dumb. long story short, she's living here with us and learning that you can't run away from growing up.

Son is still living, unemployed, and searching for himself. God has him in his sights so I try not to worry.
I will be happy if he would just find a job!

We also found out Khan has hypothyroidism. My poor dog! All his hair was falling out & I kept treating for fleas. I finally broke down & took him to the vet. $235.00 later we had proper diagnosis. He's feeling much better now that he's on meds. LOL! doesn't everybody nowadays! *snicker*

So, here is how life stands at my place, busy but living!

"...Just breathe."

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