Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Back again!

Our Easter was nice. I worked, husband & kids went to parents. (I'll tell you, having to work is the BEST excuse to get out of dinner with the in-laws!)

Surgery for husband went great! It was a little more than what we thought but doctors are confident it will heal well. Husband did have a hard time in recovery, he quit breathing twice and had to be on a ventilator. He was in the hospital a total of 5 days. The last two I started to get snippy! I hate needless charges & I hate doctors who patronize! So by the time he was released the staff was as happy to see me go as I was to get him out of there! LOL!

Work has been a blessing for me since husband was off for three weeks and is limited to what can be done for another three, we has essentially been pay check-less for the whole time. Got to love wonderful friends who step up to meet the needs of others. Thank you, God, for my wonderful friends!

Daughter has been promoted at work, yay for her! More hours, means more money, means more experience, means faster to a life of Independence. Which all parents should want for their kids. Now if son would just get on board...

Funny story of the moment:

I was driving daughter to work early the other morning and the road was pretty much my own. (love that)
when I said to her, "don't you love it when the road is straight and you're the only one driving? Ever get that feeling you just want to floor the gas pedal and burn some rubber? I love that excited butterfly feeling when your stomach is all fluttery!"

Daughter turns to me and says, "control the urge mom. the only fluttery feeling I get when you tear off speeding down the road is a signal I'm about to barf!"

Ha,ha,ha! We are so different! (I restrained my urge to speed, btw)

... nothing but me and the open road...!

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