Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, we are almost to the end of June and still have not begun any projects yet. Why?
because our truck had to go back into the shop. Yes, $4,000.00 Later & we are broke AGAIN!

I could let myself get really mad over this but I have decided to move my mad elsewhere and just be glad the money was there to fix the truck. You might want to send some prayer my way though, because the roof on our house does need to be replaced and there is no money for that either.

I really do like spring. Business picks up & I feel there is some breathing room for a while.

I also have a funny to share; My next door neighbor has a 5 year old son whom I adore! He is so cute, and talkative, smart, and happy and he says the funniest things! So, the other night we were watching "finding Nemo" & I had the back door open. (Our driveways join & my tv faces the back door) We could hear my neighbor calling for her son who was outside to come in.
mom: "where are you it's time to come in?"
boy: "I'm outside, just a minute!"
mom: "come in & get ready for bed! What are you doing outside?"
boy: "just a minute, I'm watching a movie on the neighbor's TV!"
mom: "get in this house right now!"

My daughter and I had no idea he was out there! Ha, ha, ha!! We cracked up laughing!!
It really just made my day. I'll take that kind of nosey neighbor anytime!

I have started some late "spring cleaning" and we are working on 1 room at a time on my daughter's days off. This was inspired out of jealousy of a neighbor who got to move into a new house! While I'm happy for her, moments like this just make me discontent with what I have, what I don't have, and what I want. So I end up driven to control my surroundings and work with what I got.

hopefully I'll be satisfied with it for more than a day.

"Bloom where planted..."


  1. Was it William? He was in Celeste's class and had lots of interesting things to say!

  2. Oh, Amber! We are certainly blessed when we bloom where planted. Please don't be jealous! (I might be jealous of your mortgage payment :) We really feel like the lord needed us elsewhere and are trying to be obedient. I'm so glad to call you my friend! Thank heavens for facebook and blogs.


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