Thursday, February 26, 2009


I thought this time I would introduce my husband. He will be 36 years old in march. we have been married 17 years, and I'm sure he would say it feels like its been a thousand. I don't mind because that means he would keep me around for that long!

His favorite candy is starbursts, favorite car is a ford mustang, his dream vacation is Tahiti, his favorite color is red, and his favorite meal is country fried steak.

He is a heavy equipment mechanic by trade. He loves tools!! snap-on, cornwell, mac, craftsmen, these names are what relationships are built on! I will tell you, our son could name every tool in the catalog by the time he was 2! the two of them use to read the tool catalogs for bed-time stories. I tease my husband that he must be part raven because he loves shiny things. The salesmen have learned to lure him onto their trucks with bags of starbursts because they know once he's on, they will have made a sale!!!

My husband loves to sleep in. for years 7:00 only came once a day, and it wasn't in the morning!

He also likes to cuddle and he hates to be cold!! During winter we have blanket tepee's over the heating ducts and the phrase "click the heater" is a term of endearment.

He is a dialysis patient. This is the hardest part of his life. He has been in renal failure since 2000, and because his body won't regulate and his lab work is so unstable we don't have hope for a kidney transplant any time soon. The name of his nephrologist is a swear word in our home.

unfortunately this field of medicine isn't known for the compassion and ethics some others are.

He really likes watching movies and playing video games. His favorites are mob movies or comedy's, and fantasy war games.

Sunday is his favorite day of the week! who doesn't love a day all to yourself? barbecues are big here. which kind-of goes along with warmth and sleeping in. Also spending time with family is important. Our pets are also family so they love Sundays with their "daddy". Our cat, Gilbert, will snuggle down on his lap, in the sunshine and complain about life. My husband isn't the best listener so when Gilbert feels he isn't getting enough attention he bites! good thing for Workman's hands!

Overall I've listed the most common things about my husband that most people list about their own, however, My husband also has a side to him that he feels will never add up to "good enough for us". So to let everyone know what a wonderful person I think he is let me tell you;

a- he loves me, which is NOT easy. just ask anyone who knows me.

b- he loves his kids! which is not easy. they are teenagers.

c- he loves cats. which is not a guy thing.

d-he loves being loved. which is not easy. he's married to me!

So what this all amounts to is..... MY HUSBAND LOVES!!!!

"...And the greatest of these is love" which makes him pretty darn great!

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