Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I really like this blogging stuff. I wish my best friend (who will remain nameless) would update hers, She's a blog-neglector since facebook! She is one of the greatest people I know! I'm sure the majority of people can look back on their lives and see just when God blessed them with an extraordinary friend. The kind that knows all about you and likes you anyway. That's this one!

I read once that "a good friend will bail you out of jail- but a great one will be in there with you".
I have one of those, but I think a best friend will be the one to talk you out of going to jail! that's her! Talk about sensible thinking, The one time I ever risked going to jail she was ready to fly me to Michigan, which is a long way from here!

Her husband is quite the guy too. I'm pretty sure there's been a few times he just didn't understand where exactly our friendship came from, but he's put up with it! And even offered up a couple of very good suggestions on some sensitive issues along the way!

Over the years we all have times we needed that friend at 3 in the morning, when worry keeps you from sleeping. Or 3 in the afternoon when the toilet floods. (We will never forget that one!)
My friend and I have had those moments and probably one every hour in between. But God has been gracious to allow us our hour of weakness while pouring streanth into the hands of the other.

I hope that along the way my streanth has kept my friend standing at least half as much as my weaknesses has kept her on her knees praying! (Because she knows I need all the help I can get!)

Thanks friend for some very good laughs, a few cherished tears, and alot of patience. For being a shining example in my life, a blessing to my family, and a sister of my heart! I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know you and your family, and for letting you be a part of mine.
As we continue down the roads of life, through rain and wind and snow, allways know you can count on me to see the sun through the clouds.....

And I'll count on you to pack the umbrella!

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