Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello everybody,

This blog is dedicated to one BUSY, BUSY person! She hasn't had time to update her blog, so I am filling in for her. (Good thing she lives so far away, because I can feel the sting of her smack already! She can just fill in the blanks & post)

First- She planted a huge _________. Then her _______ got "early blight", whatever that is, and then the friendly neighborhood ______ ate the tops off most of the ______cobs! But she did get lots and lots of _____________! This lead to lots and lots of ___________! (which she freezes, by the way)

Second- Her husband's store got the ___________ to work as ___________ for Habitat For ___________, and she spent _____________ days working her __________ off, and serving ______________ on behalf of _______________. Even ________________ got in on the action! (see photographs on face book)

Third- being the wonderful sister that she is, She flew out to __________ to watch her _________ &__________ while her ___________ & husband went to ___________ ____________ for a business ________________. Her ___________ was so happy for the chance to take this trip! (see photographs on face book) To bad she couldn't stay longer and visit but hubby & kids needed her at home.

Fourth- _______ football for daughter number 1! I'm sure dad would love to tell this story but he's busy too. He's been holding the camera hostage so _________ hasn't been able to put the photo's on the computer! Anyway game is _________ against_________. Here we run into some poor sportsmanship, so ___________ kicks some ___________ butt just to keep the players in line and the game on fair ground, when she gets ___________ from the ___________! stupid ref!!!! But I'm positive she made dad, & the kid who's stinky ______________ she was wearing proud!!!

Fifth- Daughter #2. She is SOOOOO talented! Plays_____________ & _____________ for the school band, sweats like crazy while _______________ in the heat & humidity, all for the glory of her school, ____________high! The __________ was playing at ______________ _______________ university this last week, and her whole____________ group went to support their girls! ( this activity was the same night as daughter #1s so HURRAY for ___________ ____________ to fill in!

Daughter #3 had a _________ ask her __________. Of course she is to young so she had to say ______, but she did it gently, protecting __________ fragile masculinity. (there you go uncle in S.C. How does that make you feel now?)

Daughter #4 had the painful experience of stepping on a ____________ that was stuck in the ____________. Not only did it go right into her foot, but it BROKE OFF!!! (I know we are all cringing in sympathy) No emergency room this time. Mom and dad ___________ it out, after freezing her foot off in a ___________ full of _________.
I'm sure she ______________ around for a day or two.

Daughter #6 just turned _____! Can you believe it! In just a few weeks she will be __________________! We are all excited for her, and sure that she is too!

& not to leave anyone missing, daughter #5 is watching her sisters' from ___________.
Smiling and laughing and CHEERING them on!

Last- Friend not only harvested, baked, built, drove, served, flew, tended, doctored, and cheered, she also fixed both her oven and dryer AND MANAGED TO CATCH UP ON A WEEK OF WASH FOR __ PEOPLE!!! Now you can see why she has no time to blog!!!
(Who knows, she may just thank me instead of smack me.)

"I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific."

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